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The Marital Wisdom
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The Living Wisdom
The Aging Wisdom
The Healing Wisdom
The Parenting Wisdom
Learning ESL Wisdom
Money matters in a marriage. But money is also the No.1 cause of divorce. So, get your money wisdom.
Avoid committing the Seven Deadly Sins, which breakup a marriage.
Getting and staying married gives you happiness. Get the happiness wisdom based on the science of happiness.
To satisfy an inflated ego, one needs to control others. Healthy marriage partners accommodate, instead of controlling, each other.
Getting married just to make you "happy" is only a self-delusion.

Getting married is about "two living as one" -- which requires greater effort on both marriage partners to turn their co-existence into a success.

Getting married is all about "accountability" to each other and "living in reality" in the material world.
The TAO is the ancient wisdom from China. This book contains the 81 chapters with the author's own interpretation.
To understand biblical wisdom which is for the soul, you need profound human wisdom -- which is the TAO wisdom.
To live and survive in a world of depression, you need the wisdom of Lao Tzu, the ancient sage from China, more than 2,600 years ago.
Learn how to let go of all your attachments to the present and the past that define "who" you think you are. Be your true self.
Living wisdom is the art of living well, which is based on the integration of the contemporary wisdom, the ancient wisdom, and the biblical wisdom. It provides a blueprint for you not only to live but also to survive in this material world.

The author also provides a recipe for what you should or should not do, so that you may live as if everything is a miracle.

So, live a life of passion and purpose with wisdom and self-enlightenment.
Live in the now, and live as if there were no tomorrow, and tomorrow is just another day, if you just don't die!
Live your life to the fullest in your golden years. Make the best and the most of what you have left and still make some new waves in the final chapters of your life.
A 233-page book to stay younger and healthier for longer! Mature youthfully instead of getting old gracefully!
The TAO is both  your compass and roadmap for your journey of aging. It helps you get to your final destination.
This book explains in detail all the aging problems and their respective solutions.

Positive aging requires the biblical wisdom from the Book of Revelation, which enlightens the mind with salvation and eternal life.

In addition, the TAO wisdom may also help the elderly live in reality in advanced years, especially when they are confronted by many daily changes and challenges.

Many pray simply because they want their "expectations to be fulfilled." So, you must have the wisdom to  know where human expectations have come from.
A cancer diagnosis may be an opportunity for personal growth and development, as well as for looking at one's health and life with totally different perspectives.
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This 200-page book is about how the TAO can heal one of the many autoimmune diseases afflicting humans worldwide.
A blueprint to enhance eyesight and improve vision health, with exercises based on Dr. William Bates' techniques!
Increase your baby's brain cells through spatial intelligence, non-verbal communication, emotional development, language  skills, and kinesthetic enhancement etc.
29 steps, 90 games and activities, 50 color illustrations to teach children to become proficient readers!
Get everything you need to know about a healthy pregnancy to have a healthy baby. All the "dos" and "don'ts" are critical even before and after the months of pregnancy.
Biblical wisdom may help your children see the real meaning of life, and develop their own passion and purpose for life.
Get the 12 strategies to creatively nurture your child's unique developing mind.
A natural and holistic approach to autoimmune diseases based on the author's  own experience and struggle against his myasthenia gravis!

For the past three decades, the author has been drug-free. In this book, he wants to share with you how he has overcome the symptoms of the autoimmune disease, such as muscle weakness, without his dependence on steroid medications.

ESL learners may have problems with English words and phrases that may look similar but are different in meanings.

This 122-page book has hundreds of prepositional words and phrases with explanations and examples.
Learn these everyday expressions for everyday situations. A must for ESL learners.
More than 900 American idioms with simple explanation and examples for ESL learners.
A manual on writing skills for anyone who wants to write well!

The book includes: basic grammar; common sentence errors; different types of sentences; paragraph development; style and usage.

Is writing such a difficult and daunting task? Not really. Is writing skill learnable? Absolutely!
Get the wisdom to love yourself and others, such as self-acceptance and loving-kindness, as well as to help yourself and your marriage partner to survive and thrive in your marriage.

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Get the TAO wisdom to live every aspect of your daily life in balance and perfect harmony, including:   pursuing your careers, making your money, maintaining your good relationships, getting married, raising your children, health and healing, aging and dying. The TAO shows you how to live as if everything is a miracle.

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The Bible says wisdom is everything. "Joyful is the person who finds wisdom, the one who gains understanding." (Proverbs 3:13)

Without wisdom, there is no understanding.

But why is understanding important?

Without understanding, anything and everything in life may seem paradoxical and inexplicable. It is this mindset that may make many people "not living in reality" -- in their minds they only see "unfairness" and "inequality." This distorted mindset may even lead many to committing crimes and violence: "Why shouldn't I rob them who've the money that I don't have?" or "They too have broken the law, so why shouldn't I do the same?"

Biblical wisdom is about "accountability" to God, which will give you spiritual "understanding." But if you are not a believer, that "understanding" may be irrelevant to you.

Having said that, human wisdom is indispensable in contemporary living. Human wisdom is not the same as acquisition of knowledge; human wisdom is the application of what you feel and understand to your everyday life and living. So, being knowledgeable does not necessarily mean being wise.

The TAO is the profound wisdom of Lao Tzu, an ancient sage from China more than 2,600 years ago. The TAO has survived and thrived for thousands of years for a good reason: it is applicable to anything and everything in contemporary daily life. The TAO shows you all the hows and the whys of anything and everything happening in your life, including the following: growing up, receiving education, earning a living, making money, getting married, starting a family, raising children, staying healthy, growing old, and dying.

The TAO helps you confront all your daily challenges, and live in balance and harmony.

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Stephen Lau





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Get your FREE BOOK to find out "how" to become a true believer. Give this FREE BOOK to all unbelievers to help them believe.
NEW BOOK: Use TAO wisdom and spiritual wisdom to live in reality with accountability--a life with no depression.

A marriage isn’t just about two people. Children or step-children may also play a positive or a negative role now or later in the marriage.

Raising children is more than just doing tedious daily chores, such as feeding and changing diapers. Even those daily chores shouldn’t be avoided or ignored because they’re the backgrounds for establishing the relationships with the children, as well as developing the personalities of the children.

Personality and Growth

·Every child has his or her own personality, which is just a reflection of the parent, but is not the personality of the parent. So, be only a role model: always showing your love and your care.

·Spend more time with your children with many open-ended questions to develop their own thinking mind.

·Try not to punish them for any misbehavior by denying or removing any privilege they think they’re rightly entitled to. Instead, demand an apology, either a spoken or a written one. Also, explain to them the truth that no one is perfect.

·Praise them for their good deeds, but with no empty promises that will not be fulfilled.

Passion and Creativity

Every child has his or her likes and dislikes that may ultimately become his or her own passion and creativity.

Passion is the intense desire of the child to do what he or she likes to do, based on the child’s inherent gifts and skills.

Creativity is the self-expression of a child to cope with his or her own inner feelings. It‘s also a mental growth giving the child the opportunity to try out new ideas, as well as a new way of thinking and solving problems.

·Avoid being “over-parenting,” which is imposing on your children your own likes and dislikes.

·Pay attention to your children’s daily interests and material activities. Create space for them to engage in them.

·Observe their activities and show them how to solve the problems arising. It’s important to teach them “never give up.”

·Invent different scenarios for their current activities with different questions for them.

·Give them arts and crafts to develop and pursue their creativity.

·Let them spend more time in nature, which can inspire them with new ideas.

·Create time for your own creativity, such as playing your music, doing some of your own artwork, working on the computer to write poetry or a book. Let your children also see and learn from you as a role model.

Teaching Your Children About SexI

Sex is “a big deal,” especially in a marriage.

Surprisingly, some couples may have more sexual intimacy after several years of marriage. The explanation is that by then they may have much reduced level of stress: better financial environment; children growing up; less worry about conceiving a child. In short, sex can even get better as years go by in a good and healthy marriage.

However, some couples may also cease their sexual intimacy due to: childbirth; pursuing a career; midlife crisis; an out-of-marriage affair. That, unfortunately, is also the reality.

Living together without love or physical intimacy is “living separate lives”-it may also be due to pornography, which is addictive, pervasive, and destructive to the addicts and their respective relationships.

So, it‘s important for parents to educate their children about sex. But how?

·Like building the foundation of a pyramid, teach them about the values of life and living, which are usually dignity, honor, and respect for self and others.

·Growing up and getting married isn’t just about self or just two people: it’s about human relations -- how you relate to others around you. For example, in a marriage it isn’t just about the relationship between you and your spouse; it also involves your children or stepchildren, the in-laws, and the friends. So, learn to develop good relationships, and teach your children to do likewise as they grow up. 

·Relationships are related to emotions, both positive and negative ones. Teach your children to control and manage their emotions and temper tantrums, which will play a pivotal in their subsequent life choices and decisions.

All of the above will define and shape your children’s perceptions and understanding of the meaning and the importance of sexual intimacy when they grow up into adolescents and young adults.

The reality

Remember, just do your best, and let God do the rest. You can teach your children about sexual intimacy, but you just can’t control what they feel and experience in their lives. Controlling only generates resistance and distancing. This applies not only to your children, but also to your spouse. You can share with them what you believe in, but you just can’t make them believe what you believe in. That’s the reality.

Stephen Lau
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